Manuscript Services

The popularity of self-publishing has opened scores of opportunities for writers. But without a professional editor or proofreader, your book might not be the best it can be.

Notes on Vellum provides professional editing services for book manuscripts. Before self-publishing, or even before submitting to a traditional publisher, let us scour your manuscript for those things you miss because you're just too close to it. We offer several levels of editing so you can pick the package that best fits your needs and budget.

Packages and Pricing

Manuscript Evaluation--We'll provide a detailed evaluation of your novel or novella manuscript, offering suggestions for improvement. If you choose to purchase an editing package or book packaging for the novel, the cost of the evaluation will be deducted from your final cost (this option is not available for manuscripts under 15,000 words).

Manuscript Evaluation--$50

--This package provides a thorough check for misspellings, typos, incorrect words, and incorrect or missing punctuation. (Minimum $50 or 10,000 words.)

Proofreading--$.005/word, or $1 per 250-word page

Content Editing--This package provides proofreading as well as suggestions for strengthening the story, improving flow, better character development and suggestions for improving plot issues. (Minimum $80 or 10,000 words.)
Content Editing--$.008/word, or $2 per 250-word page

Heavy Content Editing--This package provides proofreading, suggestions for story improvement (as above), as well as detailed suggestions for correcting word flow, word choice, and other details that address the nitty-gritty of your writing. Recommended for first novels. (Minimum $150 or 10,000 words.)

Heavy Content Editing--$.015/word, or $3.75 per 250-word page

--Do you have an idea for a book but you just don't feel confident about your writing skills? Provide a detailed outline and leave the writing to us. We'll talk to you at length about your topic and how you want your book to "feel" stylistically before launching into the actual writing. (Minimum $300 or 10,000 words.)

Ghostwriting--$.03/word, or $7.50 per 250-word page

For more details or answers to questions about specific projects, please contact us. Also please contact us for information about manuscripts under 10,000 words or over 100,000 words.

To find out how to combine editing services with book packaging for a ready-to-publish manuscript, see our Book Packaging page.