Saturday, July 13, 2013

Typos Making You Crazy?

Roost of Rabbits by alojzm
You've finally taken the plunge into self publishing, and as soon as you download your first published novel, or take a gander at the shiny paperback you just slaved over, you discover the truth of the old adage:

"You never find the last typos until your book has been published."

The horrible truth is, typos are pesky little buggers that breed like rabbits on Viagra. The minute you think you've scrubbed out the last of them, you take one last look at your manuscript and find twelve more.

The other horrible truth is that your brain hates you. After the seventy-fifth readthrough (or the third--your statistics may vary), your brain will have translated all those typos into words it thinks are correct. This is why even professional editors and proofreaders have someone else read through their finished work before publication. (It's also why I should probably have somebody read through this before I hit "publish.")

What you need is someone to scour your manuscript for all those weird little details your eyeballs pass over because you're focused on whether you accidentally changed your protagonist's eyes from blue to brown or inadvertently had him take his shirt off twice in the same scene. When you're worrying about those things--which are really important--you miss the extra spaces, the extra commas, the misspellings of "the" to "teh" and other annoying errors that will turn readers off.

At Notes on Vellum, we know how to scour. So take your scouring to Scouring of the Shire levels by sending us your manuscript. We'll scrub out those rabbits and take away their Viagra. Base rates for proofing are a half-cent a word--that's $250 for a respectable 50,000-word novel. We can also do more complex editing--like taking care of those extra shirts and chameleon eyes--for slightly higher per-word rates.

For more information or to get an estimate on a specific work with a specific editing approach (proofing, continuity, substantive editing, developmental editing, etc.), shoot us an email at  We'd love to kill the heck out of all your typos.