Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back to Rewriting

Even Walt Whitman Rewrote Stuff
Well, I went MIA for a while there... Didn't realize how long until I went to take a look. Anyway, I apologize. Several things derailed me, one of which was getting sick, and another of which was contracting a new novel. And that book needed rewriting (and will probably need more rewriting), so that at least gives me more fodder for new posts over the next few weeks, even if it kept me away from my blog posting.

For this week, I offer some links I've found addressing the subject of rewrites and revisions. All of these struck me as being chock full of Useful Information, so I hope you find something helpful.

Patricia C. Wrede--Revising. Discussing strategies as well as defining different levels of revision.

Mystery Writing is Murder--Lists and Layers. Discusses the issue in terms of second, third and etc. drafts, which, yeah, that's definitely rewriting and revision.

More from Patricia C. Wrede--Layering. Similar concepts to the above post, but a slightly different approach.

James Dashner--Lessons from a Rewrite, Part 1. Check into the other parts of this series, as well. A lot of good information.

Write to Done--Eight Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work. Some good advice here, too, but ignore that bit about cutting 10% of your words. That's a little too cut and dried for me. However, the things to look at under that bullet point are definitely valid. Just don't sit in front of a calculator trying to get to 10%.

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.)